Into Calm with Susie Woolf DipHyp – Hove & Brighton Hypnosis – Real change and lasting solutions.

I am Susie Woolf a master hynotherapist with over 10 years’ experience speicialising in complex cases such as disabling phobias, chronic anxiety, crippling low self-esteem and emotional turmoil whch are often difficult to treat.
Treated with psychotherapeautic counselling, dynamic solution-based hypnotherapy, NLP neuro-linguistic programming and EFT emotional freedom technique.
My clients achieve their goals because I limit my caseload. Allowing more time for extensive consultation and deep analysis to understand your issues. This enables me to deliver indevidiaul despoke treatment plans in a positive dynamic format.

If your looking for a positive change, call me on 07879 025218 for your free no obligation initial consultation.